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Second Opinion


Our Second Opinion provides you the best curated treatment advice which saves your time, life and cost.

Why Pay 20-30% Extra Cost to Any Other Facilitator, when we provide you the optimum solution to get the best treatment at affordable prices with professional treatment with experienced medical staff.

Why our Opinion?

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Multiple Opinions

Our opinion comes with multiple treatment offers of senior doctors from various cities in India and abroad.

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Most Experienced Doctors

We choose you the best doctors from a database of 1000+ Senior Experienced Medical Professionals.

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Incredible Low cost

Our Opinion helps you save upto 20% at Indian Hospitals and upto 50% at any Hospital Abroad.

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Money Back Guarantee

We believe our opinion which is curated by the top Medical Facilitators so you get the best treatment in India and abroad, if you're not satisfied with the opinion you receive 100% Money Bank Guarantee with no questions asked.


How does our Opinion Work?


Explore & Choose

Explore Doctors Profile, Hospital Details & Choose Destination

Upload Medical Reports

Upload all your Medical reports, to get the best curated treatment second opinion from us.

Get Multiple Opinion

With our second opinion you get multiple opinions for your treatment

Compare Options

choose the best possible treatment and doctors from our Multiple options.

Consult Your Choice Of Doctor

Get in touch with your choice of the doctor, get consultation for your treatment, finalize your plan.

Road To Recovery

Sit back Relax and Complete your Treatment, and Rest as you completely recover

What should you expect from our Second Opinion

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Report Analyzed and Curated by Experienced Medical Tourism Facilators
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Affordable Second Opinion Plans with Multiple Options to choose from
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After choosing your Option, Get a consultation for your Treatment from the Best Doctors
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Learn more about the Hospital, Staff and Medical Team for your Treatment
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Plan your Medical Tour, Schedule and Finalize your Treatment
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Hassle Free Visa Process, Best Travelling experience

What to Expect in Opinion Report

To learn more about your opinion Reports, Download our Free Sample of the Second Opinion.

Choose a plan that is best for all your medical needs.

Choose from our Multiple plans to get the best possible treatment and assistance in India and abroad.




Still confused about which service to pick?

Frequently asked questions

Other facilitators give free opinion but later, when it comes to treatment, you will have to bear high costs. Even hospitals directly charge high prices considering international prices. But we provide special rate which has absolutely no manipulation.
Magnus Medi under opinion plan ensures that senior doctors give the opinion themselves.
In case you wish to take opinion or travel abroad for treatment, you will have to share reports with doctors and hospitals. We ensure that your reports reach only to doctors and team members concerned. It doesn’t go to everyone and is safe.
You can submit our enquiry form on the website, our representative will contact you, He will understand and prepare your case and accordingly he will share your reports to Top doctors and hospitals to get multiple opinion. The presentative will also guide you with a treatment plan, cost of the treatment and other useful information.
Of course, if you send us Medical reports, we will send you multiple opinion with Doctors profile.
The cost of your treatment varies. As once you submit your medical report, we will assist you with multiple opinion from 5-6 Top hospitals with cost estimation.
All of our partner hospitals have fluent English-speaking staff.
Yes, We can get you Visa Invitation Letter from the Hospital you choose for the patient and Patient Attendant, and with that letter you can apply for Medical Visa for Patient and Medical Attendant visa.
If you approach the hospital directly, it will be standard rates but with us you can avail special rates. In 80 per cent of the cases, our rates would be lesser than the hospital you are contacting directly. In 20 per cent of the cases, the rates will be the same but in no case more than the hospital.
Ideally once hospital has given you the price, wether directly or through facilitator, they will not allow our special rates. However we will try to get you the special rates in the same hospital. 80% of the chances are hospital will not allow it, so in that case please contact us before you buy the opinion plan. We will be able to get you better rates from other hospitals for sure
Under our opinion plan, we give you the most approximate rates which the hospital would charge based on medical reports you have shared with us. When you come to India and if reports have changed, by which we mean the disease intensified, then, treatment cost will change. Also, in other cases where you have not disclosed the medical history properly, the cost is liable to change. For example if you are an HIV patient, but haven’t mentioned that to us, then also treatment cost changes.
You will need to stay in the hotel for the Initial Investigation Period of your treatment, and after the finalization of your treatment if the patient needs to be admitted in the hospital for treatment, one Attendant can stay with the patient in the hospital. Post treatment/Surgery when the patient gets discharge, you may have to stay in the hotel for observation period as prescribed by doctor.
Yes, you can book your flight tickets on your own, but we would suggest that before planning your travel, you should consult Magnus Medi for information about Public holidays in India/Doctor on Leave/ground knowledge like weather/Natural Disaster if any etc.
It varies from Hospital to Hospital and your Insurance companies. We can always assist you for the same if you contact us.
Patient Needs Medical Visa for treatment, and Past Medical History Documents, Guarantee of Payment or Letter in case of Insurance.
Patient should Travel on Medical Visa, Needs to Carry all past medical history reports, Should gather all information about treating doctor/hospital, get ground knowledge from us, should come with related attendant.